About Isis

Who I am as a guide and teacher is strongly rooted in who I am as a woman. We have all seen those teachers who look perfect in their photos, like they will seemingly avoid their own deaths through money, power, and brilliance. I am not that. I am not above the journey of being human—I am deeply in it. I am the guide who knows what humanity is and can turn on the light within it.

I have lived many different lives. I was a published author by age 15 and graduated college at 19. By my mid-twenties, I had owned two houses and had run two small successful businesses. I had also been a housewife to an affluent engineer many years my senior. I have lived in over 7 different countries and 5 different states. My professional life evolved toward personal growth work, and since then, I have worked with over 1,000 women and couples and have been featured in myriad newspapers and radio shows alongside people like Storm Large, Dan Savage, Deborah Anapol and Sark.

I think we are all born with questions we spend our lives answering. Mine were: “What is love, and how do I show up for it?” To find out, I’ve spent the last 24 years getting messy with every modality I could find.

My journey has included energy healing, jin shin jitsu, Core Energetics, 12 step groups, hypnotherapy, NLP, Thai massage, meditation, chanting, ecstatic dance, Orissi dance, tango, and a Kundalini awakening. I have howled at the moon, been saved by Qi-gong, and taken drugs with a therapist. I have smoked a peace pipe, flipped off a Shaman, learned and unlearned emotionally responsible language, danced with my shirt off in public, avoided marrying an Essene guru, fasted, pounded my pelvis into a mat, talked to the stars, done a psychic fair, shrieked, bawled, hit, laughed, and learned a basic surrender.

What do I offer in my work? All of it. I’ve trained in the things I thought were worthwhile and have an extensive tool bag. But what I bring is me…being completely with you. I am a mid-wife who will love you and facilitate your birth into the world. But this time you will be encouraged to be exactly who you are and shown how to live from that vibrancy.

I’ve created Feral Female to answer the question almost 20 years of working with women in private practice, classes and workshops has illuminated: How do we live as the full, voraciously alive women we truly are, in a society that is not quite ready for us?