feral female

Navigating the Wild

Finding safety and the permission to be fully alive, within the unknown

Are you dying? Or is this Expansion?

Overthinking keeps you up some nights as your mind struggles to get ahead of the unknown. What should you do next? How is this all going to be ok? What will hold you as you let go of the routines and ways of being that have become your identity? Does the next step mean flying, or simply falling to your death?

In your body you are not sure.

Your nerve endings are alive. Your heart beats a little faster. You catch yourself holding your breath.

Are you being brave, or simply stupid?

But it’s not really a choice is it? The strain of holding in and holding back, is untenable. Whether it is through circumstance, or a moment of clarity, life is asking you to become who you are. Asking you to grow into your depth, fire, and nature.

It doesn’t matter if you think you “are too much.” Volcanoes created more than 80% of the earth’s surface. It doesn’t matter if you are afraid, you are “other.” 71% of our earth is water and your brain/ heart are 73% water. You have always belonged, the way all other parts of nature belong.

And like all other parts of nature, you are being asked to become yourself.

Deep down you know you’re stressed, not only because of what is happening, but because you are afraid to step into the BIGNESS of what is possible for you.

You also know.. it’s time.

You were not meant to do this alone, by tensing and forcing yourself through this intensity. Your instinct has led you here, to connect to support and community. The trees, your ancestors all around you, are showing you this. They are strong because they are woven beneath the soil, whispering encouragement to each other. Providing strength when a member of their community falters.

True power comes from being interconnected.

And I know you are being called into your power.

It's time to let go of the voices in your head, and listen to your future self, beckoning with delight.

“Go for it. It’s going to be brilliant!”

In this container you will:

For six months, a group of ten women and I, will be there for the dirt and the flowering.

And you will be lovingly held accountable to having the very thing you long for.

I CREATE this 6 month journey for YOU and the other 9 women who feel this call deep in their body. That means our course content is generated by me feeling deeply into you, what you are asking for, and where you are stuck. This is not a generic course where I give you prepared handouts, and usher you through a series of content.

This is my deep listening into what will move you forward with grace, care, and precision.

I CREATE this 6 month journey for YOU and the other 9 women who feel this call deep in their body. That means our course content is generated by me feeling deeply into you, what you are asking for, and where you are stuck. This is not a generic course where I give you prepared hand outs, and usher you through a series of content.

This is my deep listening into what will move you forward with grace, care, and precision.

The Goodies

Bonus offer



When I think back to where I was before I started working with Isis, I remember an overwhelming sense of deficiency. I didn’t feel nourished by my family or friends and I felt completely unequipped to remedy the situation. My support system and social circle were anemic, leaving me weak and frigid. Isis was an incredible source of warmth and nourishment, and the environment she created for the Feral Females was a powerful incubator.

During our time together I started dating again, something I had been unwilling/unable to do for the better part of 5 years. I found support and a sense of community during a global pandemic. I leaned on those around me and asked for the assistance I needed to stay safe and get supplies while immunocompromised. I finally saw how emotionally starved I was growing up, and how this trauma of neglect shaped my future relationships with myself and others. I practiced asking for things and allowed myself to feel my needs and express them to those around me.

Through “home-play” assignments I creatively examined and worked through problems, and had the pleasure of witnessing others do the same. Describing my body as if I were an artist and telling my “Shero’s Journey” were two of my favorite exercises that helped me to shift my perspective on things that were previously sources of great shame. Receiving feedback and praise for those things was very healing and transformative. I think the most profound realization for me through this process was that even though I had a deficiency in my life, I was not inherently deficient. This distinction was revolutionary. It freed me from years of self-blame and shame and allowed me to see this was something I could treat, rather than an incurable condition I was doomed to suffer through.

Working with Isis and my fellow Feral Females fed my soul and helped to mend old wounds. They helped me to be vulnerable and honest, which enabled me to connect more authentically with those around me. With the guidance of Isis and the support of others in the group, I was able to challenge long-held beliefs, confront uncomfortable truths about myself and those around me, and learn to trust that others could hold me. Even though our time as a group has come to a close, I still feel the strength and support of those women behind me and I carry the lessons I learned and the victories I gained with me always.


Isis has held space for me for years – always clarifying the sign posts along the path of my growth, against the massive wave of my conditioning. Participating in her six-month group was pivotal for me, it challenged me in more ways than I can say – I was deeply stirred, deeply touched, deeply revealed… to myself, and then, to others. The ramifications of that work continue to unfold in the work I am now able to do. I am immeasurably grateful.


The Feral Female group context made me nervous at first as I have been a habitual edge-dweller and carried wounding that made me suspicious of gatherings of women. ‘Where better to heal this?’ I figured. I held my courage, put my trust in Isis, and stepped into the circle.

Isis created a group container where she received us in our individual needs, meeting each of us with just the right dose of stretch, whilst also weaving a tremendous support network between us. Through the fortnightly ‘homeplay’ shares in the Whatsapp group, we were gently encouraged to push our edges and show up in our vulnerability. The culture of mutual support among these glorious women enabled this and validated that indeed our strength lay the other side of vulnerability. Before long I had included myself in the group, found my voice and made some deep friendships. <3

If you’re feeling drawn to work with Isis, jump in, you won’t regret it. Your future self is already looking on and smiling with a warm belly and heart.

Our schedule

If you cannot make a call, don’t worry!

Everything will be recorded and posted in our private FB group. Our calls will be twice a month on a Sunday. ​

June 18th : LIVE transmission

June 25th: Share Playwork with group

July 2nd: Zoom Call

July 9th: Zoom Call 

July 16th: LIVE transmission

July 23rd: Zoom Call

July 30th: Share Playwork with group

August 6th : LIVE transmission

August 13th: Zoom Call

August 20th: Share Playwork with group

August 27th : Zoom Call 

September 3rd: LIVE transmission

September 10th: Zoom Call

September 17th: Share Playwork with group

September 24th: Zoom Call

October 1st: LIVE transmission

October 8th: Zoom Call 

October 15th: Share Playwork with group

October 22nd: Zoom Call


November 5th: LIVE transmission

November 12th: Zoom Call 

November 19th: Share Playwork with group

November 26th: CELEBRATION

The time of our Zoom calls and LIVES will be 11am PST/ 2pm EST/ 8pm CET
(Please check your time zone)
Zoom calls will be 90 minute-2 hours
LIVE transmissions are approximately an hour

Are you feeling a resounding YES! in your body?

Was it YOU that I created this for?


Let’s do this.

Here's how:


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Ok! Are you ready? This step is POWERFUL.

Take a deep breath and feel all the feels. The minute you say this YES, your internal and external world will start to shift.

Pay in full: $6,600 ($1,100 a month)

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Think of it as brain training! Your brain doesn’t just focus on the things that scare you, or cause you pain, but also the things that you CELEBRATE. What will you do now? A bum wiggle in your seat? Pop some champagne? Run naked through nature? Whatever it is…send me a picture.

P.S. Beauties, when you commit to this 6 month journey, the 9 other women in this group are going to fall in love with you and your unfurling. For this reason, I will not be offering refunds. The women in the group need you to be all in. ❤️