Tango Intimissimi

The skill set and surrender of passion

Please trust the tender ache that brought you here. The longing. The feeling in your cells that you COULD wake up every morning tingling with aliveness, excited, connected, and inspired. Trust the intuition that being in love could source your day, give you the energy to really show up for your work, children, family and projects. That these practices could bring your whole life into alignment.

This type of magic is real.

I see it every day in my work.

You are what you practice-
how have you been creating your world?

Do you remember the wonder of being a little kid? So much brought you alive. An ice cream or a passing fluffy dog, made your world light up. You lived from a moment of magic to the next moment of magic. You felt entitled to your joy, your pleasure.

Then shame set in. A constant feeling of worry. The fear that you had to push and fight to get what you wanted. A feeling that maybe you weren’t deserving of love. That life was hard. And relationships would so often be disappointing.

Your body, in an effort to help you protect yourself from more pain, started to armor. It contorted into tensions and postures that made you feel less of everything. And your mind started to recycle stories about what you could expect and how to deal with feeling alone.

It’s possible to come home to this sense of wonder. You can shift what your brain identifies as important. You can learn to communicate with a partner from a place of simplicity and respectful honesty. You can turn back ON your feelings, and start living a new narrative.

You are the heroine or hero of your story.

Even if you are single…you can be a lover right now

Imagine driving to the bank with the radio on, breathing deeply into your belly, feeling the sun stream in the window to caress your face, and being so lit up and full of power, that an errand has become a pervading moment of pleasure. At work you are on fire. You are focused. Connected. Feeling. And brilliant. Everyone wonders what’s different? Why do you seem so suddenly passionate? Where are all these great ideas coming from. After dinner, as you wash dishes, you feel the heat and flow of the water moving between your fingers. And a spark of aliveness moves up your spine as your body is flooded with a sensuality that brings the whole world into vivid color. So when it’s time to make love… with a beloved, or yourself…You have been practicing a surrender to your pleasure all day. You are no longer trying to claw your way out of your head. Your body is not rigid or stiff with tension. You melt and open and move from your deepest Yes! You allow yourself to fully have. You let go.

Tell me, do any of these feel familiar?

Who am I to help you find your Fuck Yes! in intimacy?

I have been helping couples and singles to REALLY fall in love, for 20 years. I am committed to helping you illuminate your sensual/sexual world by becoming MORE of yourself, and not just stuffing you into another idea of what’s “sexy.”

I’m also adept at helping people out of well-intentioned traps. Common examples are being self-sacrificing, understanding concepts but embodying them in ineffective and sometimes creepy ways, working so hard to be a good partner that your real self is pretty much annihilated, and trying to fit our modern day archetypes of pure “masculine” or “feminine.”

Working with me means a lot of relieving AHA! moments 😉

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In this course you will:

What people are saying about working with me:


I am more empowered in my relationship. Where the old pattern was to crumple energetically and hand over my authority to my partner, now I am able to hold my own with him. I will risk disagreeing with him and – to my surprise – that has generated aliveness in the relationship and we have more fun. He loves feeling me in my power and my shift has called him to step up too, so now I am met by my equal. Isis supported us as a couple by offering a joint session. This was gold dust and empowered us to dissolve more layers of co-dependency, thanks to her ‘seeing’ the energetic dynamic between us and guiding us each into our own centre and sovereignty.


Just when you think what a loser you are, Isis will look at the situation and she sees the upside! It is really a delight to talk to her and with her humor and smile she can always in every situation clear up the sky. It is not as bad as you think it is.
What struck me the most is during the sessions my partner and I were both present, Isis never took side. When someone was hurt, she always acknowledged the hurt and the pain, without blaming the other party.

I’ve really learned so much from working with Isis. Things I can use for my personal growth as a man and many things I can use in my relationship as well. To me it is more clear what I expect from a woman and what I can give a woman so she feels safe in our relationship so I can enjoy her radiance and she can enjoy my presence. And from Isis I learned that setting my boundaries doesn’t conflict with the previous, to the contrary, it is good for the relationship!

Grace Stepanova
Grace Stepanova
Wise Body Nutrition

When I first came across Isis and her work, I was feeling very stuck, energetically. I could feel that something was needing to be released, as was indicated by the constant re-surfacing of subdued anger and grief (that I’d apparently been actively suppressing). While I thought I was allowing myself to feel and acknowledge, accept and be with my experience, I realized in working with Isis that I was actually caught in a pattern of spiritual shaming and “shoulding.” I thought that in order to be spiritually good and virtuous that I could not also feel and express my rage. I thought that in order to be a queen I needed to keep my shit together to be cool and composed always.

I now engage with my life in a more authentic, raw, beautiful way. I am learning to exist more so in my body than in my head, to feel juicy, unctuous, alive, and true. I know now what it feels like to come into my body and to listen to the wisdom she carries. I now have the tools not only to hold space for myself, but to do so for others.

Isis fully embodies the archetype of the mother, she shows up with such courage and compassion, loving the whole of you. Not once did I ever feel judged by Isis. Not once did I ever sense inconsistency in her being-ness, her personhood. She is fucking real to the core and she gave me the gift of being real to MY core. She gave me the gift of what it looks and feels like to be a mama to myself, loving, nurturing, receptive, strong, fierce, and in my power.

I spent every penny I had in order to work with Isis and it was worth it.


I’ve had no problem attracting and being with women. However, what was really important to me was to be able to be the sort of man who can be in an absolutely phenomenal relationship, but also show up fully at the office and business. To be a whole integrated human. Not just do a 9-5 job and get by, with an amazing relationship. I’ve made a lot of headway to having the confidence that I can have my whole life, not just nail one part of my life.

Do you want to experience the excitement of sexual tension throughout your day, and how it can supercharge banal moments? Would you like to drop your body shame and all the performance pressure? How about eliminating the fights in your relationship?

By learning the skill set and surrender of passion, you will have new superpowers!
But importantly, you will become infinitely more of YOURSELF.

And that is priceless.

Shall we dance?​

WHEN: February 12th – March 19th 

TIME: 2 pm EST  (check your time zone please) 

WHERE: Zoom and our private FB group 

What if I can’t make the lives on Zoom?

Absolutely no problem. The video calls will be posted in our private FB group where you will have access to them for a full year. Your playwork will also be posted in the FB group.


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