Grace Stepanova
Grace Stepanova
Wise Body Nutrition

When I first came across Isis and her work, I was feeling very stuck, energetically. I could feel that something was needing to be released, as was indicated by the constant re-surfacing of subdued anger and grief (that I’d apparently been actively suppressing). While I thought I was allowing myself to feel and acknowledge, accept and be with my experience, I realized in working with Isis that I was actually caught in a pattern of spiritual shaming and “shoulding.” I thought that in order to be spiritually good and virtuous that I could not also feel and express my rage. I thought that in order to be a queen I needed to keep my shit together to be cool and composed always.

I now engage with my life in a more authentic, raw, beautiful way. I am learning to exist more so in my body than in my head, to feel juicy, unctuous, alive, and true. I know now what it feels like to come into my body and to listen to the wisdom she carries. I now have the tools not only to hold space for myself, but to do so for others.

Isis fully embodies the archetype of the mother, she shows up with such courage and compassion, loving the whole of you. Not once did I ever feel judged by Isis. Not once did I ever sense inconsistency in her being-ness, her personhood. She is fucking real to the core and she gave me the gift of being real to MY core. She gave me the gift of what it looks and feels like to be a mama to myself, loving, nurturing, receptive, strong, fierce, and in my power.

I spent every penny I had in order to work with Isis and it was worth it.


I have worked with Isis Leeor for a year and it has absolutely been the best investment I could have made in myself. The first half of the year was in 1-to-1 coaching, and the second half in the Feral Female programme with a fine group of women.

My life has changed immeasurably as a result. I am here today as an embodied and empowered woman. Over the course of 12 months I have dismantled the cage one bar at a time. Yes, it was me who ‘did the work’ but I hand the credit to Isis for guiding me powerfully and sensitively on the journey. Isis is a mighty fine guide with a ninja tool kit and oodles of love and compassion.

What makes Isis stand out head and shoulders above others in her field is her ability to see and feel my energy from other side of the laptop screen – and that is worth its weight in gold. She can literally see where my energy is blocked and use that perspective to guide me to unravel the stored emotions and stories – and into freedom.

Isis’s wisdom and broad ranging experience meant she was able to guide me as a woman, as a person with unresolved trauma, as a person in relationship, as a person in business. Walking together with Isis, I healed trauma, reframed old stories, and created a new structure for my internal reality. All this combined to create a whole new experience in the external world.

I’m 50 years old and for the first time I feel I have arrived home in my body and at the centre of my life. A lifelong challenge of being out of my body and negotiating the world as a highly sensitive person, has been resolved. Being grounded and embodied brings with it the life-changing gifts of pleasure, sensuality and empowerment. Now, instead of struggling with the world from inside an empty shell, I embrace and rest in the fullness of my feminine.

If you’re feeling drawn to work with Isis, jump in, you won’t regret it. Your future self is already looking on and smiling with a warm belly and heart.


Isis was the voice of compassion that I needed during a difficult transition. She lent me resolve by reflecting back to me the best parts of myself and by being a voice of validation for feminine values which felt so true to me inside, but seemed lacking in the world and super scary to start living out… She held my hand during my first throes of freedom, and supported and guided me as I began to slip into my body.

I love now having bed snuggles with my back against the pillows, being hugged by angels, and feeling the beautiful presence of being held by my energy lover at my back. I will carry her voice with me to check myself and encourage myself to deepen and actually embody instead of thinking I am.

I’m so excited about what the next phase of life is about to start bringing. I’m not sure I would have been able to crystallize my confidence and willingness to truly break new ground without our sessions. Thank you for helping me get off to a running start and learn to get comfortable with just being… and knowing that is enough. I’m enough. I’m safe. And life is beautiful. Truly, actually feeling all of that for the first time.

Jay Fields
Jay Fields
Founder of Grace & Grit Yoga, and Author of “Teaching People, Not Poses” and “Home in Your Body”

All the years that Isis has allowed life to course through her body and break her open, whether through despair or through ecstasy, have made her BIG.

As a writer and a facilitator Isis reveals herself unapologetically, and in so doing gives everyone else permission to be more of their messy and divine selves, too.

Isis has a way of seeing the wholeness of a person and bringing that forth.


Ok, so really. Before working with Isis? I was shut down. I mean really closed. Deep down despite a husband, child, home, love … wanted out of life. I didn’t think I had the right to exist.

And for someone who ran energy. Suffered-Kundalini that may be a strange thing to say; there’s a lot of hype and misunderstanding around this energy. Suffice to say that if you had my childhood you’d understand.

Isis turned that around. She understood. Had been there, walked the path; shone the “torch”.

She was funny, playful, really caring, and sooo deeply authentic in her holy-humanity that I couldn’t help but trust her. No subject was too much, or off the table.

And in that safe intuitive space aka “nest” that she created, I unfolded my pain, my beauty, my whole… I would like to say by “magic”, but really it was because of her badass skill!

In this crucible, a new me, my “soul” me; the person and whole human I was meant to be from my blue-print was reformed! Now?

Well I’m still doing 365 round the sun.

But I have a smile on my face. My heart is open. I can meet people’s eyes, and hear their stories without triggering. I can more than just cope, survive and hang in there. I feel Peace, Love, Hope, JOY!


First of all, I want to tell you what a difference the workshop has made in my life. So much has changed for me since that weekend. I have stopped taking anti-depressants, stopped taking anti-anxiety/sleeping pills, stopped drinking as a regular daily occurrence (still drinking some socially, but not nearly as much), and am sleeping better than I have I think in my whole life. I made all of these changes not as a conscious, labored process, but just because I have not felt like taking the pills or consuming alcohol. I just don’t need them.

I have felt a new calm in my life. Even when I cry, the tears do not come from a place of anxiety, they come from just sadness or happiness rather than this crazy angsty anxiety place they were coming from before.

So, a big THANK YOU for that weekend and for being your amazing self and helping me to arrive at this new place!

Sarah Curts
Sarah Curts
Mind/Body Intuitive at Body Insights

Isis has a gift for seeing you, and holding up your reflection in such a way that you cannot look away, only recognize and marvel at the spark of God within. She will meet you at your level, wherever you are, and with a sure hand guide you deeper.

There are no limits to your personal power, no point where you stop. To work with Isis is to discover the truth of that statement. Isis was the catalyst for my psychic awakening.


I first found Isis about a decade ago. There are some things I hesitate to try to capture in words, and working with Isis is one of them. Though I can say without hesitation that I have cherished her unique magic oh so deeply. At different times she has been for me a teacher, a companion, a confidant, a mirror, an inspiration. Her presence is a relief. And always a deep invitation back home to myself. Back into wholeness. In my darkest days when I could trust no one (least of all myself), I found I could trust Isis. These days I am trusting myself. And I have so much fierce love and gratitude for this radiant being and for her genius. Thank you, Isis <3


Working with Isis is truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. She defies any previous notion I had of a teacher, mentor, guide or therapist… to me she is a bundle of vibrant love that shines straight through you to blow out the cobwebs and fill you with a warmth and strength that’s yours to keep.

With every session I grew in confidence and openness. I am so grateful to Isis, but also so proud of myself for taking a breath, listening to my deep self, and saying a big YES!

Alice Taylor

If you are drawn to spend some time with Isis, you are in for a treat. Her deep compassion and presence hold space for those parts of us that long to be discovered to come to the surface and unravel at their own pace. Isis is a powerful catalyst and master body whisperer, she is also much more than that, she holds the template of what freedom can potentially be.


My sessions with Isis have informed and changed my life in such a way that now, three months out, I almost can’t remember how I felt before they started. She kept me company while I looked and felt things in my body that I previously feared would kill me. Instead of immediately trying to fix or breathe through or transmute, or whatever other language we’re using for quick comfort these days, she gave me the startling effective help of holding my hand (over a computer screen no less), so I could find the courage to wonder about the beliefs and patterns that made me run terrified through life. Isis asks questions that don’t ask for answers – they ask us to feel. To be in our bodies and wiggle into the far corners.

I have been a bodyworker for a long long time and I have no goddamn idea how Isis inhabits space the way she does and how she brings the very human relief of connection – with laser-like clarity, devoid of pity, full of compassion. None of these words are quite right. Our consultation was the range of a human life experience. Like the burn of blood coming back into a numbed limb, I feel alive in a way that tells me I can move with feeling again. I am so grateful. I don’t have to run anymore.

Roma Norriss
Roma Norriss

SO one small good thing happened. I gave myself a pay raise again! In fact I’ve more than doubled my rates. I didn’t think that getting better from this functional neurological condition was going to mean looking at my income – I actually thought I was charging plenty already.

A few weeks ago I hired the amazing Isis Leeor to get me out of this desperate fix I’m in. She’s working with nervous system repair on a whole other level to anyone I’ve come across. On a somatic level, I’ve never felt so challenged by someone I’ve worked with. I feel like a novice in her presence (in a good way). She can feel into me with such sensitivity and catch me the moment I begin to dissociate (which is aaaall-the-fucking-time it seems). I’m learning so much from this mighty woman.

I paid Isis a fuck of a lot of money to help me, because I knew she had the answers I needed to get better, which was worth finding the money for. I’ve been pondering what we spend large chunks of money on. The sense of security we feel from owning a house. The power/thrill/luxury we get from driving a really nice car. The restorative effect of a holiday. We spend money to solve problems but really, on things that are going to make an unpalatable feeling go away.

Clearly recovering one’s child from constant distress and shifting family life from a place where you have long lost the joy in parenting and you’re enduring a hellishly hard daily existence is worth investing a lot in. I remember being at a point where I would have sourced any sum to solve that.

I notice when we have sessions Isis is fully present. She’s in vibrant health. She’s relaxed. She’s lit up from living a life she loves, a life I’ve contributed to by paying her a significant fee. And I’m delighted about that. It means she’s really good at helping me. She can only teach me to regulate her nervous system when hers is regulated.

I’m starting to see that I’ve been bleeding out my energy for years… and now I have to budget how many times I walk around my flat in a day. The actual cost of giving so much of my attention to so many people, much of it for free, in a desperate bid to feel useful or loveable or something… turns out not to be sustainable. I’ve racked up a huge debt with my body and now I’m doing time.

So as well as learning how to protect my energy by undoing the people pleasing autopilot, I’m also putting up my prices.

Isis says ‘this is what it costs for me to help you without hurting myself’.