feral female


What interesting novel starts with complete and utter satisfaction?

It starts with unrest, and a creative tension. A life, and the longing for a bigger or different life.

Love, the life you are living right now, says very little about who you are and what you were meant for. It is simply the start to the novel in which you are the main character.
You can ALWAYS choose more.
You can ALWAYS go for what you really want, and not settle.
And it all starts with YOUR DESIRE.

Your desire…


This three week program is in an invitation to feel that fire at the center of your being that knows exactly what you want. It is a reminder that your body is your biggest ally, and that when you reject it, you reject your intuition and power.

The soft folds of your flesh, the wrinkles that show the bigness of the path you’ve walked, the uniqueness of your face and form, the way you inhabit your aliveness, your pleasure in the swish of your thighs as you walk…this is beauty.


Your beauty.


When you inhabit that beauty…

When you choose to feel again…

When you reconnect to your rhythms and pleasure…

When you know you are worthy… 

Your desire is the torch that lights the way

to having the life you were meant for.


If you are no longer willing to hold back, play small, or pretend you don’t hunger for a life that TURNS YOU ON….


this program is for you.


Are you ready to:

True desire enables you to access your life force and power.

When you are connected to your desire:

Are you ready to step into your DESIRE and be your own freaking Christmas gift this year?

Let’s play:

WHEN: Sundays: December 4th, 11th, 18th  

TIME: 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT (check your time zone please) 

WHERE: Zoom and our private FB group 

What if I can’t make the lives on Zoom?

Absolutely no problem, beauty. The video calls will be posted in our private FB group where you will have access to them for a full year. Your playwork will also be posted in the FB group.


F-ck yeah, sign me up!

One payment of $444

Two payments of  $247