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Isis was the voice of compassion that I needed during a difficult transition. She lent me resolve by reflecting back to me the best parts of myself and by being a voice of validation for feminine values which felt so true to me inside, but seemed lacking in the world and super scary to start living out… She held my hand during my first throes of freedom, and supported and guided me as I began to slip into my body.

I love now having bed snuggles with my back against the pillows, being hugged by angels, and feeling the beautiful presence of being held by my energy lover at my back. I will carry her voice with me to check myself and encourage myself to deepen and actually embody instead of thinking I am.

I’m so excited about what the next phase of life is about to start bringing. I’m not sure I would have been able to crystallize my confidence and willingness to truly break new ground without our sessions. Thank you for helping me get off to a running start and learn to get comfortable with just being… and knowing that is enough. I’m enough. I’m safe. And life is beautiful. Truly, actually feeling all of that for the first time.