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Just when you think what a loser you are, Isis will look at the situation and she sees the upside! It is really a delight to talk to her and with her humor and smile she can always in every situation clear up the sky. It is not as bad as you think it is.
What struck me the most is during the sessions my partner and I were both present, Isis never took side. When someone was hurt, she always acknowledged the hurt and the pain, without blaming the other party.

I’ve really learned so much from working with Isis. Things I can use for my personal growth as a man and many things I can use in my relationship as well. To me it is more clear what I expect from a woman and what I can give a woman so she feels safe in our relationship so I can enjoy her radiance and she can enjoy my presence. And from Isis I learned that setting my boundaries doesn’t conflict with the previous, to the contrary, it is good for the relationship!