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EPISODE 3! with Isis Leeor

This episode is a tender, gorgeous powerhouse! Isis and I connected over returning to our bodies, reclaiming our pleasure and sexuality, and embracing life with sensuality- Making love to life.

A word of caution- this episode will not be appropriate for sensitive ears or sensibilities. We discuss among many other things, very frankly, the sheela-na-gig (which is an ancient and very explicit art tradition still visible on many European cathedrals and castles), I make mention of a VERY controversial and triggering piece by an erotic painter and we spend a good bit of time on Isis’s beautiful, but unusual love for -and work with- the naked human body.
There is medicine here, for those who need it. You will know it when you feel it. I’ve sat countless times reading Isis’s words, first shocked at times, and then quickly with tears pouring down my face because of how deeply we need this kind of celebration and acceptance of pleasure and sensual bodies of all shapes and sizes and states of being.

I love you!…/episode-3-isis-lee…/id1448884694…

*Side Note: Starting with Episode 4, I’ll just be sharing podcast updates on the Sovereign Radio page, and not here. So make sure you’ve LIKED THE PAGE if you want to get updates!

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