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I once had a woman call and ask what my workshop was about

I once had a woman call and ask what my workshop was about.

I told her,

“I don’t know yet. But there will be snacks.”

She signed up.

That has been my version of sales.

Truthfully, selling has inspired an internal allergic reaction from me. But dating? That I can do. This time, instead of looking for the “one,” I’ve been doing calls to find 8 women to invest in. To hold. To love. To see. And to undress.

I look for a readiness in them. A hunger. A “FUCK YES,” uttered from the belly.

Knowing we are both free to say no.

It feels honest. Because it’s the truth. As a friend said, “helping someone who is ready,” is beautiful. “Forcing someone to grow, is abuse.”

It has taken some time to understand that. When need is need.

When I look at someone, I see them.
And then I see the false them.
Eating them like a vanishing twin.

And I know there is a choice there.

The vastness of the unknown
or the safety
of a slow death.

I am on the other side
of that choice.

With a Mariachi band
and some pom poms


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