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I have worked with Isis Leeor for a year and it has absolutely been the best investment I could have made in myself. The first half of the year was in 1-to-1 coaching, and the second half in the Feral Female programme with a fine group of women.

My life has changed immeasurably as a result. I am here today as an embodied and empowered woman. Over the course of 12 months I have dismantled the cage one bar at a time. Yes, it was me who ‘did the work’ but I hand the credit to Isis for guiding me powerfully and sensitively on the journey. Isis is a mighty fine guide with a ninja tool kit and oodles of love and compassion.

What makes Isis stand out head and shoulders above others in her field is her ability to see and feel my energy from other side of the laptop screen – and that is worth its weight in gold. She can literally see where my energy is blocked and use that perspective to guide me to unravel the stored emotions and stories – and into freedom.

Isis’s wisdom and broad ranging experience meant she was able to guide me as a woman, as a person with unresolved trauma, as a person in relationship, as a person in business. Walking together with Isis, I healed trauma, reframed old stories, and created a new structure for my internal reality. All this combined to create a whole new experience in the external world.

I’m 50 years old and for the first time I feel I have arrived home in my body and at the centre of my life. A lifelong challenge of being out of my body and negotiating the world as a highly sensitive person, has been resolved. Being grounded and embodied brings with it the life-changing gifts of pleasure, sensuality and empowerment. Now, instead of struggling with the world from inside an empty shell, I embrace and rest in the fullness of my feminine.

If you’re feeling drawn to work with Isis, jump in, you won’t regret it. Your future self is already looking on and smiling with a warm belly and heart.