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My sessions with Isis have informed and changed my life in such a way that now, three months out, I almost can’t remember how I felt before they started. She kept me company while I looked and felt things in my body that I previously feared would kill me. Instead of immediately trying to fix or breathe through or transmute, or whatever other language we’re using for quick comfort these days, she gave me the startling effective help of holding my hand (over a computer screen no less), so I could find the courage to wonder about the beliefs and patterns that made me run terrified through life. Isis asks questions that don’t ask for answers – they ask us to feel. To be in our bodies and wiggle into the far corners.

I have been a bodyworker for a long long time and I have no goddamn idea how Isis inhabits space the way she does and how she brings the very human relief of connection – with laser-like clarity, devoid of pity, full of compassion. None of these words are quite right. Our consultation was the range of a human life experience. Like the burn of blood coming back into a numbed limb, I feel alive in a way that tells me I can move with feeling again. I am so grateful. I don’t have to run anymore.