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When I first came across Isis and her work, I was feeling very stuck, energetically. I could feel that something was needing to be released, as was indicated by the constant re-surfacing of subdued anger and grief (that I’d apparently been actively suppressing). While I thought I was allowing myself to feel and acknowledge, accept and be with my experience, I realized in working with Isis that I was actually caught in a pattern of spiritual shaming and “shoulding.” I thought that in order to be spiritually good and virtuous that I could not also feel and express my rage. I thought that in order to be a queen I needed to keep my shit together to be cool and composed always.

I now engage with my life in a more authentic, raw, beautiful way. I am learning to exist more so in my body than in my head, to feel juicy, unctuous, alive, and true. I know now what it feels like to come into my body and to listen to the wisdom she carries. I now have the tools not only to hold space for myself, but to do so for others.

Isis fully embodies the archetype of the mother, she shows up with such courage and compassion, loving the whole of you. Not once did I ever feel judged by Isis. Not once did I ever sense inconsistency in her being-ness, her personhood. She is fucking real to the core and she gave me the gift of being real to MY core. She gave me the gift of what it looks and feels like to be a mama to myself, loving, nurturing, receptive, strong, fierce, and in my power.

I spent every penny I had in order to work with Isis and it was worth it.