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The Feral Female group context made me nervous at first as I have been a habitual edge-dweller and carried wounding that made me suspicious of gatherings of women. ‘Where better to heal this?’ I figured. I held my courage, put my trust in Isis, and stepped into the circle.

Isis created a group container where she received us in our individual needs, meeting each of us with just the right dose of stretch, whilst also weaving a tremendous support network between us. Through the fortnightly ‘homeplay’ shares in the Whatsapp group, we were gently encouraged to push our edges and show up in our vulnerability. The culture of mutual support among these glorious women enabled this and validated that indeed our strength lay the other side of vulnerability. Before long I had included myself in the group, found my voice and made some deep friendships. <3

If you’re feeling drawn to work with Isis, jump in, you won’t regret it. Your future self is already looking on and smiling with a warm belly and heart.