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Your distress is palpable.

Dear men,

Your distress is palpable.
I watch you look.
For younger women. For pretty women. For more women. For varied sex. For ways to feel… when you are losing sensation,
your erection, and your desire.

I ache for you.

But not as much as I long for you.

I see the world.
Distorting you. Through Porn. Magazines. TV. Movies. Billboards. Chat rooms. Friends. Wounded women. Angry Women. And women playing a part.

You shut down. Reach for medicine. Try to be good. Are enraged. Disconnected. Aroused. You short circuit. You check your phone. Ask for sex, when you want more. You forfeit your desire.

And my loves, you are not alone.

I know the feeling.
Of wondering
Where my desire belongs.

Where it is welcome.

And where I will finally be seen
As whole.

Please know
There are partners,
who wait
at the finish line.

Who also walk in
the dissolution
of everything
we’ve known.

Partners who are
de-armoring grenades
terrified and
Wondering if you

Keep going.

Please keep


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